More than 200 drivers caught in police op

A high profile police operation in G District, which includes Limavady, resulted in more than 200 drivers caught for a range of driving offences.

Inspector Stephen Haslett said the operation involved a wide range of policing personnel including Roads Policing, TSGs and local Neighbourhood Police.

“Results show that people are still determined to flaunt basic road safety measures and to drive illegally. 18 people were detected using their mobile phones, 14 for no insurance, 1 for driving whilst disqualified, 118 for excessive speed, 51 tachocharts were analysed, 18 vehicle defects were detected and 5 vehicles were seized,” he said. “It was encouraging that out 66 breathalyzer tests carried out no-one was above the legal limit”.

Edwin Stevenson, Chair of Limavady District Policing Partnership accompanied officers on the operation which he said allowed him to see how police use “advanced technology to disrupt the travelling criminal and those who drive without consideration of other road users by having no insurance or defective vehicles”.

“I welcomed this opportunity to witness officers being professional and courteous, using their powers of observation and intuition while actively seeking to enforce all relevant legislation to disrupt those using the road network inappropriately and to play their part in making our roads safer places to walk, cycle, ride and drive,” he added.