Murder victim’s brother under death threat - MLA

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A brother of murder victim Andrew Allen has been told his life is under threat, a Derry MLA has said.

SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey says the brother of Mr Allen - killed by RAAD in Lisfannon in February - is one of two men to have been notified by the PSNI that their lives are under threat.

“I have been aware of tensions involving two local men over recent weeks involving paramilitaries, and today I have been told that both these men’s lives are under threat. The Allen family in particular have been under enormous stress and are still traumatised over the death of Andrew,” Mr Ramsey says.

“I have sought to facilitate through my office and with local stakeholders the prevalence of cool heads in this matter, but some have been determined to push the issue to a point where lives are being put at risk. The police have visited the two men concerned today to warn them of the threat, which has obviously caused great fear and anguish to their families.”

Mr Ramsey says the threats must be lifted immediately.

“I call on the group who issued this threat to lift it immediately, they have no authority in this community to impose sentences on any of my constituents, nor anyone else. The actions of this group, despite intervention made by me and the Rosemount Resource Centre, is simply unacceptable and the disruption to these men’s lives and their families’ lives is unforgivable.

“I am seeking to engage in further dialogue alongside local stakeholders to ensure that these two men have the threat against them lifted.”