Ordered to stay out of Derry

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A teenager, who faces 13 separate public order offences, has appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court charged with breaching his bail conditions 48 hours after they had initially been imposed.

The initial charges include riotous behaviour, possession of a petrol bomb and throwing a petrol bomb.

The court heard that they arise from incidents at Nailor’s Row on August 11 following the Apprentice Boys’ March. The teenager denied the initial charges and received bail. Police then arrested him two days later on October 10 for breaching his curfew. The defendant can not be identified due to their age. Opposing a fresh bail application the investigating PSNI officer told the court: “He has a lack of respect for bail conditions and there is a danger of him reoffending.”

Solicitor Seamus Quigley told District Judge Barney McElholm: “It is possible to impose a bail condition prohibiting him from being within 500m of a police operation.”

The PSNI officer said: “There is already a 9pm curfew imposed.” To which Mr. Quigley curtly replied: “Thank you the court is aware of that. This is my clients first time in court, he denies the charges and no one is saying there was any rioting during this bail breach. My client was going to the shop.”

District Judge Barney McElholm said: “I’ll give him one more chance but I’ll not be overly surprised if there is a breach.

“This is a very serious matter, one more breach and you’ll be remanded.”

The teen was also ordered to stay out of Derry City Centre, except for medical or legal appointments, not with standing ‘Lundy’s Day’ when he was told “If there is a medical emergency that day, you can go to Coleraine. If you threw a petrol bomb you are in extremely big trouble.”