Owners believe missing dog killed

Jack who went missing from his Curryneirin home on Friday evening.
Jack who went missing from his Curryneirin home on Friday evening.

The owners of a “loveable” pet dog missing since the weekend believe he may have been killed in a horrific attack.

Police in Derry are investigating the cirumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Jack Russell from the family home on the outskirts of the city.

The dog, known as ‘Jack’, went missing from a property at Ridgeway Drive in the Curryneirin estate on Friday evening.

Police are investigating the possibility the dog was attacked in the house before being being taken away. PSNI Detective Constable Richard Donnell says: “A trail of blood was found from the living room to the back yard and we are investigating the possibility that someone went into the house and harmed the dog before removing it,” he said. The dog’s heartbroken owner, Brian Murray, believes he’s probably dead.

“From the amount of blood we found in the house and elsewhere, we can only surmise that Jack was the victim of a brutal attack.

“How anyone could do such a thing to a harmless animal is beyond comprehension.

“He was more than a dog - he was part of the family.

“He was a real soulmate.”

Mr Murray says the dog went missing on Friday evening while he and his partner were out of the house.

“We were out of the house no more than 45 minutes,” he said. “We’d only gone the short distance to drop the grandchildren off home and, when we returned, we discovered Jack missing.

“Whoever is responsible took nothing else from the house - just the dog. So, it wasn’t a burglary or anything else. There were valuables in the house but they weren’t touched.

“They were obviously watching the house and, as soon as we left, they entered the house, attacked

the dog and, then, took him away.”

Brian Murray says neither he nor his partner has slept or ate since the dog’s disappearance.

“We just want the dog back,” he said. “If he’s dead, we want to lay him to rest. We want some closure. Without that, the agony only goes on. Anyone with information should give it to the police.”

The family has set up a Facebook page - ‘Justice for Jack’ - which, already, has been inundated

with comments from the public.

One post reads: “Sick, deranged individuals. Hope you find who did this to a defenceless animal.”

Another says: “Humanity can be extremely cruel and sick.”

Police say information can be given on the police non-emergency number 101. Alternatively, it can be provided to the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.