Police appeal over scramblers

Police say the attack was arson
Police say the attack was arson

Police in Derry have issued a warning over the misuse scramblers in Galliagh in recent days.

A spokesperson said the Foyle City North neighbourhood police team are appealing for information, in relation to the misuse of scramblers and off-road bikes on the green areas and footpaths in the Galliagh area.

The spokesperson said: “On Wednesday July 23, three young children were very narrowly missed by one rider who was speeding along a footpath near Rossnagalliagh.

“This week, neighbourhood officers seized two off-road bikes being misused in the Galliagh area, however more bikes are still currently being sought. These include a black scrambler type bike with decals displaying the number “121” or similar, following a report of it being ridden by a male youth wearing a black helmet, a white T-shirt and blue tracksuit bottoms with three white stripes down the leg and a black and red scrambler type bike with a race number plate displayed.

“Neighbourhood officers are seeking to locate and take these and other dangerously misused vehicles off the streets. Anyone detected misusing scramblers, mopeds, mini-motos or any similar vehicles on green areas, footpaths or any other public place, risks seizure of the vehicle, arrest and prosecution.”