PPS are to proceed with doctor’s case

Court case
Court case
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The prosecution of a doctor accused of disorderly behaviour is to proceed even though a toxicology report claims she had been spiked with a date rape drug.

Eireann Kerr, of Marlborough Park South, Belfast, is charged with disorderly behaviour and assaulting and resisting police on December 13, last year.

A representative of the Public Prosecution Service told the court the case would proceed and that they would not be relying on a toxicology report they had commissioned.

They got this report after the 31-year-old’s defence team sought expert opinion from a toxicologist.

The defence report claims that Kerr had her drink spiked with a date rape drug and the way she was acting ‘could be a consequence of being spiked with this drug’.

Defence solicitor Derwin Harvey said to ‘continue with the prosecution on the public interest test is both wrong and unreasonable in light of the expert evidence’.

He said he was considering seeking a judicial review of the decision.

The case was adjourned until October 24 to fix a date for contest and to allow the defence to seek guidance in relation to a judicial review.