Protest planned over drugs concerns

Concerned residents in Foreglen are to take to the street to voice their concerns about alleged drug dealing in the area, a local councillor has said.

Sinn Fein councillor, Tony McCaul told the ‘Journal’ residents in the village are “very concerned” about alleged dealing in the village.

He said they are so concerned they are willing to take to the streets and picket.

“They believe there is dealing happening in the area and they are very concerned about it,” he said.

“They are very concerned about the safety of their children and fear, somehow, their kids may get caught up in this alleged dealing. They want to nip it in the bud.”

Colr. McCaul said a number of residents have made their concerns known to him. He said residents have also made their concerns known to the PSNI.

“The police have been given a certain amount of information from people,” he revealed.

“The people that have come to me say they have had their concerns from some time now, the last six months or so, and they are seething. They are very upset about it all.”

Colr. McCaul said residents are aware many areas have issues with drugs, but are adamant not to let their village be one of them.

Earlier this summer, residents in the village voiced their concerns at a packed public meeting in Foreglen hosted by drugs and alcohol awareness support group, HURT.

Colr. McCaul said he plans to speak with the PSNI to invite officers to attend another public meeting due to take place shortly.