Republican group are ‘criminals’

Limavady’s top cop has branded a North Derry vigilante group “criminals”, and has appealed for them to stop their violent activities.

The North Derry Republican Group has claimed responsibility for several attacks in the area. The group claims they will target anyone involved in drugs and anti social behaviour.

Chief Inspector Sam Donaldson has told the ‘Journal’ he is aware of the group.

“I know they are a small group and I know they do not reflect what the people of Dungiven and Limavady want,” he said.

“Drugs are not acceptable in society and I would appeal to them (North Derry Republican Group) to let us do our job. I appeal to these criminals, because that’s what this is; criminal activity, if they have information around drugs come and talk to us. We will rid the community of drugs properly.”

Mr. Donaldson admitted he had concerns about the group.

“It does worry me if they are trying to do something in the name of the community and someone gets hurt, or worse, dies and I don’t want that in our community.”

Mr. Donaldson appealed to the group to allow police and the legal system to take its course catching and charging those involved in drugs.