Rosemount residents left ’without hope’

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Disillusioned Rosemount residents have appealed for a human rights solicitor to help them in the wake of major anti social behavior issues in the area in recent weeks.

Hotspot areas such as Baldrick Crescent and Osborne Street have hit the headlines repeatedly with householders claiming they are being terrorised by young people who arrive en masse to use the area as a drinking spot.

In a letter sent to the Derry Journal, Osborne Street residents Julie Jones claims: “On May 31 my neighbour’s house was broken into, leaving her feeling frightened and alarmed as they were in her house in the early hours of the morning while she was asleep. What are her rights as a pensioner and a carer of a special needs child? This child paces the floor at night when the crowds are outside her house, feeling anxious and scared. She is terrified now, as they were in her home. What do we have to do to make someone take notice. We have no-one who seems to want to help us.”

Ms. Jones said residents have now had enough and said the response to date from council and police is not good enough.

“I’m appealing to anyone who hears this to please put us in contact with a human rights solicitor who will fight our cause because it seems to be falling on deaf ears,” she said.

“Last week my garage was broken into and once again we have been subjected to a nightmare two weeks of drinking and partying which has been on-going night and day.

“Last Sunday night I was awoken by the noise of my wheelie bin being dragged up the wall because they were trying to steal it and set fire to it.”

Desperate residents have now drafted up a petition which they say they’ll present to the Housing Executive with a set of clear proposals on how to change what they now say is a situation which has left them without hope.

Proposals include the construction of a three metre fence with all entrances and exits gated between Osborne Street, the Glen and Baldrick Crescent. They’re also advocating the construction of two football pitches on council owned land as well as the construction of community allotments and the reintroduction of childrens’ play areas at what’s known locally as the ‘Bye-wash’ allowing for accessibility for the people of the Glenowen and surrounding areas.

Ms. Jones concluded: “We have as a community, forwarded our own plans for Creggan Burn Park where we live. We have collected signatures from all the residents directly bordering the area and the people have given a resounding yes to our proposals. We want to take ownership of where we live. Anything else will not be accepted by the underdeveloped and deprived area of Rosemount.”