Samurai man in stand-off, court told

Police had to draw arms and close off Dungiven’s Main Street after a man armed himself with two samurai swords, a court has heard.

Shane O’Kane, of O’Cahan’s Way in the town, faces three charges of possessing an article with a blade on June 30.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the 39-year-old phoned police in the early hours of Sunday morning and told them he had two samurai swords and he was ‘afraid he would hurt someone with them’.

He was allegedly crying and emotional and told police he had started new medication for mental health problems.

When officers arrived at the scene he removed a samurai sword from a sheath on his back and held one of the swords towards them in a ‘threatening manner’.

The court heard allegations O’Kane told police he didn’t want to hurt anyone else but that he wanted police to shoot him.

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