Scared for son

Anne McDaid pictured at the 'Derry Journal' offices yesterday afternoon. 2504JM01
Anne McDaid pictured at the 'Derry Journal' offices yesterday afternoon. 2504JM01
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A Derry mother whose son is currently on remand at Maghaberry has claimed he has been approached by members of MI5 within the prison confines and threatened that he will never see his child again unless he becomes an informer.

Anne McDaid said she fears her son, Gary, who is on remand on charges relating to a mortar find on the Letterkenny Road six weeks ago, will do himself serious harm unless he gets help.

Mrs McDaid told the ‘Journal’: “He has told me he will kill himself at the first chance he gets. He is being isolated and approached by MI5. He is in an exceptionally vulnerable place at the moment.”

“He has told them he knows nothing but they have told him if he doesn’t help them he will never see his child again.”

Mrs McDaid alleges her son was first approached by MI5 during a police interview three weeks ago. When he refused to co-operate he was returned to Maghaberry where he was taken to a meeting with two two people who also claimed to be from the organisation.

“At that stage Gary was to be moved to Row 4, where the other Republican prisoners are held. When he refused to help MI5 that was withdrawn and he was returned to the mixed floor.”

She claims her son’s TV and radio have been taken away and that he cannot leave his cell for fear of being attacked. He now fears that other Republican prisoners will believe he is informing. He is spending 24 hours a day locked up in a cell.

“The only person he talks to is me, when I come to visit. He has no support. I can’t say how scared I feel - how we all feel.”

A spokesperson for the Prison Service said yesterday: “Northern Ireland Prison Service does not comment publicly on the welfare of personal circumstances of individual prisoners.”