Scarred for life after vicious attack

A man who assaulted his girlfriend leaving her with a permanent scar has been told he is ‘extremely lucky’ not to be sent to jail.

Deputy District Judge Chris Holmes made the comment as 20-year-old Aaron Patrick Davis appeared at the local magistrates court.

Davis, a graphic design student from The Meadows, pleaded guilty to wounding on May 25, last year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that the assault took place in the Guildhall Square area of the city centre. Davis punched his girlfriend on the face, using both his fists and she fell to the ground,

The woman sustained an injury to her face as she hit her head when she fell. It was revealed this injury required several stitches and she has been left with a permanent scar.

During police interview the 20-year-old claimed he had been having an argument with his girlfriend and remembered pushing her, but not punching her.

He further claimed that he must have pushed her too hard, she lost her footing and fell over.

Davis also told police he was assaulted by three unidentified males a short time afterwards.

Eoghan Devlin, defence counsel, said there had been no further issues between the two since this incident.

Suspending a nine month jail term for two years, Deputy District Judge Chris Holmes said it was a ‘quite vicious’ assault and the injured party has been left with a ‘nasty and continual scar’ which she will see every time she looks into a mirror.

The judge also ordered the 20-year-old to pay £1,000 compensation and said the court could not make a compensation order that would ‘adequately cover the injuries sustained by this young girl’.