Slammed woman’s head into wall

A street drinker has been given a four month prison term for slamming his partner’s head into a wall in Derry City Centre.

Joseph McCloskey (45), of 46 Stanley’s Walk admitted assaulting the woman on July 28 last year when he appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday.

The court heard that police responded to a report of an injured female at Waterloo Place and were told by ambulance staff that the defendant was being abusive as the paramedics tended to the woman.

Members of the public told officers they witnessed McCloskey “grab the injured party’s head and slam it into the wall at the Ulster Bank”.

The defendant, who was heavily intoxicated, was arrested and during interview the following day made no admission to the assault. Two members of the public made statements to the police although the injured party made no statement, the court was told.

A defence solicitor said both the injured party and the defendant were street drinkers in a “co-dependent relationship reliant on alcohol”.

He said the injured party who was McCloskey’s co-defendant in another case had attempted to have the charges against her partner dropped.

The defence solicitor said the victim sustained no injuries in the assault.

The court was told that McCloskey was serving a suspended jail sentence for burglary and criminal damage.

McCloskey further admitted two counts of the theft of alcohol from two local off licences.

The District Judge said: “I see this as a very serious assault and the two theft counts pale into insignificance in comparison.”