Speaking Irish charge withdrawn

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The charge against a man who gave his details to police in Irish has been withdrawn

Dermot Douglas, of Cardiffs Bridge Road, Finglas, was charged with an offence under terrorism legislation after providing his name and address to police in Irish.

The 49-year-old was charged with failing to answer a question to the best of one’s knowledge on March 6.

At a hearing in Derry Magistrate’s Court a representative for the PPS made an application to withdraw the charges.

District Judge Peter King told Mr Douglas he was free to go.

A large number of supporters had gathered outside the court and had put up posters across Bishop’s Gate stating ‘Irish is not a crime’.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Douglas said the decision to charge him was a ‘huge waste of money’.

He added that it was a ‘farce’ and ‘disgraceful’.

Mr Douglas added if he had given his details to the police in any other language he wouldn’t have been arrested.