Suspended sentence for stealing from landlord

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A 45-year-old who stole over £1,200 worth of household items from a house she was renting has received a suspended jail term.

Wendy Lorraine Doonan, of Sheskin Gardens, pleaded guilty to theft from a dwelling between February and July, last year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that £1,222 worth of electrical and household items were stolen from the house in Bonds Hill.

When Doonan moved into the address she signed an inventory of items that belonged to the landlord and were to remain in the property.

However, when the 45-year-old moved out without notice, the landlord discovered that things were missing from the house.

Doonan was interviewed and told police that the landlord gave her permission to throw things away or to donate them to charity.

She admitted that she kept some of the items herself.

It was revealed these items have since been returned to the landlord.

Defence counsel Nicola Rountree told the court her client had a ‘sense of ownership’ over the items that she ‘shouldn’t have had’.

She said Doonan asked the landlord to remove some of the things in the house and when he didn’t got rid of them herself.

The barrister added that when the 45-year-old moved out of the house the ‘lines were blurred as to what she owned and what the landlord owned’,

Suspending a six month jail term for two years, District Judge Barney McElholm said if there is any further offending ‘you will go to prison. You are surviving by the skin of your teeth’.

Doonan was also ordered to pay £1,000 compensation.