Warning after spate of car and house thefts at Oakbridge

Residents in the Oakbridge and Sandbank Park areas of Shantallow have been urged to be mindful of their home security.

Sinn Féin’s Sandra Duffy, a candidate in the forthcoming council elections for the new Ballyarnett area, issued the warning after a number of recent incidents in the area.

Ms Duffy said she has been contacted by a number of residents who were victims of opportunistic criminals.

“I am are aware of a high number of incidences of car crime and attempted burglaries in the Oakbridge and Sandbank Park areas and would appeal to residents to be extra vigilant following more incidents this week,” she said.

Ms Duffy advised residents to carry out a daily check-list to make sure their houses are protected.

“I would advise all residents to ensure that their doors and windows are closed and locked at night and when people are out during the day. I would also advise that as cars and their contents are being targeted, people should ensure they are not leaving valuables in their cars or where perspective thieves will see them,” she explained.

The Sinn Féin candidate also said her party has met with the PSNI on the issue.

“It is very upsetting to find that you have been a victim of crime, therefore I would advise everyone to be aware of their own security to ensure they minimise the risk to themselves. Sinn Féin have met with the PSNI regarding this issue and have been assured that this is an issue of high priority in the area.”