Culmore roundabout traffic lights switch on this Sunday

The new traffic lights at Culmore Roundabout will be switched on this Sunday.

Motorists using the roundabout are asked to exercise caution from Sunday when the new traffic signals at the junction go live.

Drivers should pay attention to the lane designation signs and approach the roundabout in the correct lane.

Once in the correct lane for their destination drivers should not need to change lanes going through the junction as the lane lines will lead them to the correct exit.

Roads Service say they would like to thank motorists for their patience during the construction of the new junction and ask for their continued co-operation and consideration for other drivers as everyone gets used to the new layout over the next few weeks.

Roads Service staff will be monitoring the operation of the junction over the next few weeks and making minor adjustments to timings as traffic patterns through the junction become established, a spokesperson said.