Cuts looming in community sector

SIPTU will host a meeting in the City Hotel this week to discuss looming cuts in the community and voluntary sector.

The meeting will take place on Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m.

A large number of community and voluntary workers have already joined SIPTU and are uniting under the union’s “Communities Against Cuts Campaign.”

There are a range of issues currently affecting the community and voluntary sector with funding cuts the most threatening.

Karen Mullan, chairperson, Western Organising Committee, urged all community and voluntary sector organisations, whether members of the union or not, to attend the meeting to “mobilise together against further cuts.”

She said: “Over the course of the last two years, upwards of 2,000 community development workers have lost their jobs in the delivery of vital services. If this occurred in any other sector, there would be a major outcry.”

“It is time to reverse this trend and to demand recognition from government on a par with public and private sector workers.”