Derry Breathe Easy group at Omega

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The Derry Breathe Easy support group will bring the ‘Take Five & Stay Alive’ campaign to Omega Head Office, Springtown Industrial Estate, tomorrow.

Derry Breathe Easy is the local support group of the British Lung Foundation, and the ‘Take Five & Stay Alive’ aims to warn DIY enthusiasts about the prevalence and dangers of asbestos in the home.

A spokesperson said: “Most people think that asbestos is only a danger to those who worked in heavy industry in the 1970s. In actual fact, asbestos was only banned from completely from use in buildings as recently as 1999. It can still be found in the least expected parts of even modern homes.”

The British Lung Foundation is asking anyone thinking of DIY to take five minutes to check out the risks at before starting work.

Derry Breathe Easy will ask workmen from Omega to complete questionnaires, invite them to have a free health check and offer information about asbestos.

British Lung Foundation Development Officer, Nessie Blair, said: “It’s fantastic that Derry Breathe Easy will be visiting Omega Head Office on Wednesday. We all need to know the dangers of asbestos, but particularly those who undertake work in the home. Anyone looking to remove asbestos from their home should always seek specialist help.

“Leeann Monk, Programme Planner for the Old Library Trust where Derry Breathe Easy meets, and Bronagh Cooper have provided excellent support for Derry Breathe Easy in bringing this event together. We owe them a big thank you for their unfailing commitment to the British Lung Foundation.”

Looking dorward to taking the ‘Take Five & Stay Alive’ campaign to Omega on Wednesday, Leanne Monk said: “It’s so important that people have the information they need to protect themselves.

As well as talking to workers about asbestos, we’ll be offering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol tests. Breathe Easy Week is a reminder to all of us to think about our health and do our best to protect it.”

The event will be taking place at Omega’s offices in Springtown on Wednesday, June 20 from 10am-4pm.