Derry drivers pay 70% more for insurance

Derry drivers are paying up to 70% more for car insurance, a new report has revealed.

An Office of Fair Trading Interim Report has revealed that local motorists are paying much more than drivers in England, Scotland and Wales.

SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan has hit out at “excessive” car insurance premiums which are making it very difficult for Derry drivers to get on the road. Speaking at a Consumer Council event at Stormont, Mr Durkan said he wants to get to the bottom of the high charges. “We must establish why premiums have increased across the North by a reported 40% in the 12 months to March 2011 and why people in Derry continue to be penalised with the highest premiums of any area in our region. Indeed we need not only to assess this, but redress it.” He said that insurers had no reason to impose higher charges as the North road safety record has been vastly improved with “the number of deaths on the road last year being the lowest since records began”.

“Nor can they blame the prevalence of no-win-no-fee lawsuits arising from road accidents – this isn’t a practice we enter into here,” he said. Mr Durkan added: “It is essential for our economic and social wellbeing that people have access to reasonably priced insurance.”