Derry group to ‘walk in her shoes’ for International Women’s Day

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A group from the Edenballymore Sure Start Centre will mark International Woman’s Day on Wednesday by walking in the shoes’ of women in developing countries who have to walk miles with heavy loads every day to survive.

The Derry Derry group group are taking part in leading poverty charity CARE International’s ‘Walk in her shoes’ initiative, supported by The Cooperative Membership. They will walk 10,000 steps (around 5 miles) a day for one week while raising vital funds to help those living in poverty.

Stephanie English, Integrated Services Co-ordinator at Edenballymore Sure Start Centre, said: “Coming from the context of a thirty- year conflict, during which the people in our city endured social and economic hardship as well as tragedy, we can empathise with people whose lives are impacted by social and economic disadvantage, poverty and inequality.

“This challenge will give us the opportunity to do something that will make a difference to the lives of women and children living in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves by raising funds and awareness.”

Visit Care International for more info