Derry’s latest newshound on a mission

Pure Derry's Doherty McLaughlin
Pure Derry's Doherty McLaughlin

The success of Pure Derry’s YouTube video can be attributed, in no small part, to the latest newshound to hit the streets of Derry - the inimitable Doherty McLaughlin.

The man himself says that since the unleashing on the video on the world he is that little bit closer to hitting the highs of his journalistic hero - former Channel 9 anchor, Jimmy Cadden.

“Things have really taken off, but in a good way,” Doherty told the ‘Journal’.

“I have set up my own Facebook page and got over 1000 ‘liks’ in a couple of weeks which I never thought would happen. And Twitter is going great as well.”

Of course, the man behind the persona has a lot to say about his alter ego.

And while - just like Pure Derry himself - he is fiercely protective of his true identity, he has a lot to say about the inspiration for his character.

“Doherty has a number of heroes - I’d say Keiron Tourish would be the main man that Doherty would like to emulate.

“And of course Mark McFadden. I’d say he is a perfect journalistic hybrid of the two.

“But Doherty’s real inspiration is Jimmy Cadden - if he could reach the height of journalistic success that Jimmy did then he would feel he has really got somewhere in life.”

Selling himself a journalist of the highest integrity with a strong ethical background (a definition he claims to have read on Wikipedia) Doherty lists his journalistic credentials as an NVQ Introduction to Prose which he started at ‘the tech’ in 1995.

Then, inspired by Jimmy Cadden, he set about building his journalism career and feels he has found his perfect home with the crew of Pure Derry.

“Doherty is completely committed to Pure Derry - and its mission to reach out to the people of this fine city and beyond - you know, places like Slaughtmanus and Lough Neagh. If he could reach as far as Co. Antrim, that would be brilliant.”

Pure Derry will be back with some more biting journalism - and Doherty says the time is coming for him to take a more investigative approach to his work.

“It will be like the ‘Cook Report’. Only, you know, with nicer questions.”

But before then it’s time for Doherty to take care of matters closer to home. “Well it’s time for me to buy a new tie. I got an awful slagging for wearing the same one over three days in the YouTube video. So I’m off to Primark for something in finest polyester.”

And Doherty has to make sure to look his best now that he is frequently recognised on the streets of Derry.

“Having spent three days in the company of Jesus when he visited the City of Culture, people are forever coming up now to give me a wee rub in case I still have the residue of the Christ on me.”