Derry singer in talks with Universal Records

Local singer Margaret Keys is continuing to make a big international impression after her debut album went straight into the top 20 in New Zealand's album chart.

Legato was released earlier this month in New Zealand and Margaret has revealed to the 'Journal' she is currently in talks with Universal Records in the UK and Ireland for the album's release here.

The 28-year-old is currently has told us she plans to come home in the next few months.

Margaret spoke to the 'Journal' just before she jetted off to Dallas, Texas to perform at an Irish event.

"I was delighted to even get a mention on the charts let alone make it to the top 20, especially as the only classical artist appearing in the top 40.

"As a brand new artist it was quite surreal to be appearing in the charts alongside really well established artists. It's particularly tough at the moment as all of Michael Jackson's albums have been re released, so I felt that my chart position for my debut album "Legato" was a great achievement."

Debuting at number 14, Margaret's album was actually sandwiched in between releases from Michael Jackson and Black Sabbath.

She is currently enjoying all the travelling involved in being a chart topping star, but is also looking forward to coming home and performing in her home town.

"I'm taking each moment as it comes. I'm really appreciating and enjoying the opportunity as I know how difficult it can be. I have been very fortunate and I always grasp every opportunity as an experience. My family and friends have been extremely supportive and I'm very grateful for that too."

"I just love singing. It's a real passion. I never believed that it would take me internationally. I am very fortunate to meet and work with very talented people. My passion for singing has enabled me to see a lot of the world, perform with great artists and perform at prestigious events."

Margaret also fufilled a life-long dream recently when she was taken for a tour of the Sydney Opera House but couldn't specualte on whether she would get the opportunity to perform there in the future.

"No matter what happens in the future I will always be thankful for all that has happened so far. To be signed with the world's largest record company in itself is great - anything else will be a bonus."