Derry two piece Sullivan and Gold to launch debut album

Derry band, Sullivan and Gold, who launch their album 'For Foes' this week.
Derry band, Sullivan and Gold, who launch their album 'For Foes' this week.

Derry two piece, Sullivan and Gold, launch their debut album this Saturday, November 23 in The Thatched Cottage, Craft Village.

One of the most innovative acts to emerge from the North West in recent years is the duo of Adam Montgomery and Ben Robinson. The talented songwriters write captivating melodic harmonies which become the cornerstone of everything they do.

The album is released on Smalltown America and Adam is clearly delighted with his debut effort.

“We are very proud of it. It has been a long time putting it together. We were in a band before but wanted to create something built around the songs. The writing was the priority on this. It has been a long process focusing on the lyrics and meaning in the songs. This is something I wanted to achieve for a long time, a group of songs which are meant to sit together.”

In many ways the album falls into the ‘concept’ category that is the songs are all loosely based on what Adam describes as a “well known figure in the North West.”

Adam explains: “We took the character and based the songs around him and yes ‘For Foes’ is a strange album title but we wanted to base it around a real person. That way we’ve managed to touch on everything from church leadership to murder.”

Whatever the initial objectives, it is hard to argue with the band’s PR who suggest ‘For Foes’ is a “lush and sumptuously arranged record, an ambitious album focusing on a central character reflecting on his loves, losses and betrayals. Each track provokes new questions about the protagonistʼs life and each is painted against a memorable, cinematic backdrop, from the beaches of Castlerock to the historic churches of St. Petersburg.”

Aimed at “anyone that finds themselves falling in or out of love”, ‘For Foes’ is available on pre-order from

Catch the band live at The Craft Village this Saturday evening from 8.30pm.