Derry woman calls for Bill of Rights for North

A disabled woman from Derry who is campaigning for a Bill of Rights for the North has said it must meed the needs of everyone.

Elizabeth Zammit, who uses a wheelchair, was a contributor to a case study report launched by the Human Rights Consortium calling for a Bill of Rights.

Mrs Zammitt has been a campaigner for greater rights for disabled people and wheelchair users for many years and has campaigned for provision to be made in the Bill of Rights for people with disabilities.

Mrs Zammitt said: "I want to see a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland that will look after me and other people living with a disability. I need to be able to count on basic services like accessible transport, but right now it's too difficult and often not worth the hassle and humiliation.

"The Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland should set out, in a clear and understandable way, the rights that I am entitled to. Some of the barriers I face every day could be solved by a Bill of Rights – and I'm not alone. One in five people in Northern Ireland has a disability.

"Together, we're a strong voice and we demand to be heard," she said.