'Despicable' threats left at Long Tower church

Derry's police chief has condemned threats that have been made against parking attendants and TV licensing officials in the city.

On Monday night a letter was left at Long Tower church purporting to be from the self-styled Bogside Republican Action Group and threatening to "use force" against the officials and the attendants.

Chief Inspector Chris Yates, the Foyle area commander branded the threats as "despicable" and added: "There should be no place in our city, nor in any decent society for threats such as these.

"The parking attendants and the licensing officials are carrying out tasks that are essential for the smooth running of everyday life.

"The vast majority of people who pay their TV licences and respect the parking laws have no problems in supporting reasonable and legitimate enforcement against those who do not.

"It is clearly unacceptable that threats should be made against these workers and I would urge all with any influence in the community to join with me in condemning them.

"The threats come from thugs who have nothing better to do and nothing to offer the people of Derry. It is time that the people of Derry shunned them.

"And as well as shunning them, reasonable people should give us the information to put these vigilantes behind bars, where they belong," Mr Yates said.