Do you want to brush up on your circus skills?

The 2011 class, pictured enjoying the In Your Space Circus School.
The 2011 class, pictured enjoying the In Your Space Circus School.

Enrolment has now opened for the new semester of the North West Circus School, which is set to spring back into action next week.

So if you’re finding it a little difficult to locate the humour amidst all the doom and gloom of the recession, perhaps you could ‘get in the ring.’

In Your Space Theatre Company, supported by The Arts Council Northern Ireland, have been at the core of some of Derry’s largest creative events recently and will open their register for both beginners circus classes and their advanced clowning classes.

The Circus School will teach beginners juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, fire breathing and juggling as part of its unique weekly programme.

The advanced clown classes are aimed at those in search of their “inner clown.” From novice to the notable, there is room for those want to study the techniques of this long tradition.

The Circus School is based in both The Waterside Theatre and The Gasyard Centre and celebrates six years in operation. During that time it has trained a remarkable 550 pupils locally.

The company formed in 2001 and have since established and run The Carnivale of Colours and proudly boast they believe they are on “the edge of even greater things to come.”

Artistic director, John Burns explains: “We are about to make some very exciting announcements in the weeks ahead which I am sure will further benefit the arts scene within the city and we want as many people to have a chance to get involved. I really feel we are growing as an organisation and when it comes to clowning the rule is always: The More the merrier! From the quiet to the quirky, everyone can benefit from it.”

Following the continued success of last years programme, In Your Space will facilitate classes which focus primarily on enjoyment and will give teenagers the chance to learn non academic skills which will “surprise and amaze.”

The circus classes culminate with this summer’s Carnivale of Colours event in St Columbs Park.

Graduates will perform inside a circus tent alongside professional international performers as a finale to their efforts.

This school are offering ten week introductory courses for £25. The beginners classes commence on Monday 16th January 7.15-8.45pm – Waterside Theatre (16+ Years), Tuesday 17th January Waterside Theatre 7.15pm-8.45pm (10-16yrs) and Thursday 19th September in the Gasyard Centre: 8pm-9.30pm (10-16yrs). In Your Space’s advanced classes (16 +) will resume in The Waterside Theatre on Monday 16th January from 7.15pm- 8.45pm. This is a 10 week course and costs only £25 to register. those wishing to introduce some more fun to their week should act fast as spaces are limited, call the North West Circus School on 71313955 or email