‘Don’t oppose’ Septic tank inspections

With Septic Tank inspections due to begin next month Donegal Action Against Austerity has advised people here not to confront inspectors no matter how strongly they feel about the issue.

According to DAAA spokesman Joe Murphy they believe there is ‘nothing to be gained from confrontation.’

He said: “At the best such a confrontation could lead to the inspector returning with the Gardaí to enable inspection.

“There is also a risk that this could lead to a court case to enforce inspection.”

Mr Murphy also had questions for those who advocated this approach: “Anyone who believes that the attempted blocking of inspections is a viable tactic should explain in what way this is in the best interests of the septic tank owner, and in what way would such an action help the septic tank owners situation.”

The Buncrana activist said a thousand state-wide inspections are scheduled to take place before July of next year.There are almost 500,000 septic tanks in the State and it is understood a minium of 80 inspections will take place in Donegal.

“We believe there is nothing to be gained by stopping inspections of septic tanks.Later inspections ,those to identifying non-compliance with the inspectors recommendations, may well lead to an instruction to complete up-grade works. The inability to g