Donations needed for Rotary Food Appeal

Sinn Fein MEP, Martina Anderson and Joanne McDaid showing their support for the Rotary Foodbank Appeal
Sinn Fein MEP, Martina Anderson and Joanne McDaid showing their support for the Rotary Foodbank Appeal
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Sinn Fein MEP, Martina Anderson, is appealing to local people to donate items towards a food parcel for the Rotary Foodbank.

There are a number of businesses throughout the Derry area collecting for the Rotary Foodbank Appeal and a number of food parcels have been left at the Sinn Fein offices in Spencer Road and Ráth Mór on the Eastway Road.

All of the food parcels will be given to local families and people in need.

“Appeal boxes in support of the Rotary Appeal have been placed in our Spencer Road and Ráth Mór offices”, said Ms Anderson.

“Basically we’re just making an appeal for people to buy a few extra items and leave them in so that people who are struggling in Derry can have a better Christmas,” said Ms. Anderson.

Sinn Fein and other community organisations offer help to families and individuals struggling to pay for food throughout the year.

“I think it’s also very important to remember if it wasn’t for the valuable services of charities who work tirelessly the picture in this city might be very different.”

Ms. Anderson urged people to continue to show support for local charities throughout the holiday period.

“I would urge people in Derry to continue to support the various charities working very hard to help people all year round and particularly at holidays times likes Christmas and the New Year period.”

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein Councillor, Colly Kelly, is appealing to people in Derry, Donegal and Tyrone to support Irish charities working on the ground in Palestine.

“In recent months a lot of what has been going on in Palestine has been ignored by much of the world’s media.

“It’s very important that we support charities that are in there doing much needed work on the ground.

“One of the Trocaire 2015 gifts for just £4.00 is buying an olive tree.”

Colr. Kelly added: “Your thoughtful gift of new olive trees will provide Palestinian families with a valuable source of income for generations to come. It will also help support Palestinian and Israeli organisations working for a just and lasting peace.”