Duggan’s radio play to be re-broadcast on Radio 4

A short radio play by Derry writer Dave Duggan is to be re-broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this Thursday, March 7, at 1.45pm - just before ‘The Archers’!

The piece is called ‘A Taxi Ride around the City of Culture’. Starring Bronagh Gallagher and Amanda Burton, it was initially broadcast live from The Playhouse as part of ‘Broadcasting House’ on December 30 last year.

Dave Duggan says of the play: “I conceived of a first-time visitor arriving in the city, getting into a taxi at the airport and being taken on a brisk taxi run and tour, taking in both sides of the river. The power of radio drama is its capacity to create images in the listener’s imagination by bringing the city to life through words only.” Listen in this Thursday at 1.45pm on BBC Radio 4.