Earhart reminiscence evening at Age Concern

Amelia Earhart landing in Derry in 1932. (2408C08)
Amelia Earhart landing in Derry in 1932. (2408C08)

2012 marks the 80th Anniversary of the historic landing of Amelia Earhart in Derry in 1932 after her epic solo crossing of the Atlantic – the first woman in history to do so. Local barrister, law lecturer and Earhart enthusiast, John Thompson, will explore the event and its significance in his talk, ‘In search of Amelia Earhart.’

“When she disappeared in 1937, she was arguably the most famous woman in the world.” says Thompson. “The search for Earhart was the largest search for any missing pilot. 80 years on and the Earhart myth still excites the imagination with yet another expedition to the remote Pacific intended to discover the final fate of the aviatrix.”

Thompson will also reveal details of plans to bring the historic aircraft - which landed in Derry in 1932 and is currently exhibited at the Smithsonian in Washington - to Ireland for the City of Culture year in 2013.

The talk will place at Age Concern Derry on Wednesday, October 19, at 7.30pm. All are welcome, tea and refreshments provided.

For further information, contact Age Concern Derry on: 71. 347478.