Public meeting on waste to be held at St Columb’s Park House

A number of awareness events, marking European Union’s Week For Waste Reduction, will be hosted by local pressure group Zero Waste North West this month.

The EU Week For Waste Reduction runs from November 16-24.

Events are held across Europe to raise awareness about waste reduction strategies and EU waste policy.

One of the local events is a public meeting to be organised at St. Columb’s Park House.

A spokesperson for Zero Waste North West said: “Our aim is to promote debate about the planned gasification plant in Maydown.

“Guest speakers include Prof. Vyvyan Howard, University of Ulster, expert in environmental toxicology, and Mal Williams, Zero Waste Wales.

“The key issues to be discussed are: Is gasification a form of incineration? Is it safe for human health and the environment? Will it encourage or undermine recycling? How do the economic benefits (eg. potential for job creation) compare with recycling and zero waste approaches? Is zero waste a realistic alternative?”