SDLP: Ramsey secures further scrutiny of changes at North West College

SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey.
SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey.

SDLP Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey has secured an extension of the oversight the Employment and Learning Committee has exercised into the implementation of the McConnell Report and much needed changes to the internal working of the North West Regional College.

The Foyle MLA said: “At the Committee’s planning meeting for the new term this morning we discussed the provision of oversight for the implementation of the McConnell report into the North West Regional College and the key deliverables contained therein. The College’s stated aim of being the best in these islands is one I share, but that aim goes hand in hand with the need to robustly deliver both in deed and in spirit, all aspects of the McConnell report which was secured after accusations of a culture of fear existing at the College.

A new Principal will soon be in place and I am keen that a new relationship be built with the College that not only focuses on progression of the strategic aims of the sector, but also resolves many outstanding issues within the College that have been identified in a recent staff survey, many linked to the implementation of McConnell.

It is imperative that we see complete and open completion of the implementation of the report by the College and that staff express confidence in the way forward if we are to ensure that strategic aims and objectives are secured for the future. As a result of this the Committee will continue to oversee and hold to account senior staff in the College about changes to culture, processes and procedures within the College and informal meetings will continue with Unions and management to copper fasten the progressive future for the College we all want to see.”