St Brigid’s tops free school meals table

A review of the performance of schools across Northern Ireland has highlighted the stark differences in performance between Derry’s schools.

The report compiled by Kathryn Torney of The Detail showed that Derry’s Lumen Christi tops the tables in terms of academic performance while Immaculate Conception College has the second lowest achievement rates in the North.

The school also had the second worst attendance rates in the North with 31.1% of pupils having less than 85% attendance.

St. Brigid’s College, Carnhill topped the table for the number of pupils eligible for free school meals across the North - at 64.3%. The number of pupils eligible for school meals is considered a marker of social deprivation.

In contrast only 1.5% of pupils attending Lumen Christi are eligible for free school dinners.

The Carnhill school also has the highest number of pupils in mainstream education in Derry with Special Educational needs.

In terms of academic performance, 100% of Lumen Christi pupils achieved seven or more GCSEs are grade A* to C - and 91.5% achieved grade A* to C at A Level,

Only 11.8% of pupils at Immaculate Conception College achieved 5 or more GCSEs at A* to C.

Patrick O’Doherty, principal of Lumen Christi College told The Detail he was “delighted” with the schools “excellent results”.

A full breakdown of the academic performance of the North’s schools, along with markers of perceived social deprivation, such as school meal eligibility and SEN numbers is available at