Stranger danger alert in Dungiven

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A Dungiven mum is warning parents to be vigilant after a “frightening” incident in the town where a group of young girls became fearful after they noticed a man watching and staring at them as they walked down the street.

The incident happened last Wednesday evening, around 6.30pm.

The girls were walking down Main Street when one of them noticed a man on the other side of the street staring at them.

“My daughter would be quite alert but when it was brought to her attention she sensed something was wrong, and said the man ‘looked like a real weirdo’,” she said.

The mum said the girls went into a shop and watched for the man to go away. She said they saw him jog to the car park, and when they thought he had gone they went back onto the street. However, the mum says they saw the man again, staring at them from the car. They took fear and ran into a shop where they told what happened. The matter was subsequently reported to police.

“It shows you can’t be too careful,” said the mum. “You just have to be really alert, even when people are in a group. It was definitely frightening.”

Police say enquiries into the matter are ongoing.

“It was reported that at approximately 6.30pm four young girls were in the area of Main Street and reported a man acting suspiciously. The girls made their way to a nearby shop and reported the matter to the owner. At no time did the man speak to the girls or approach them,” said the spokesperson. “Police enquiries are continuing.”

Sinn Fein Colr. Sean McGlinchey said: “Nobody knows who is about these days. Even when you think your child is safe, you should never take anything for granted.

“Thankfully in this incident, nothing happened, but you just never know. I would urge all parents to not let their children go out, unaccompanied, especially now coming into these darker evenings.

“You can never be too careful.”