Elaine gearing up for 10,000 mile adventure

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An adventurous Limavady woman is gearing up for the drive of her life, covering 10,000 miles across 18 countries.

Elaine Taylor has signed up to undertake the gruelling Mongol Rally along with three friends.

Along with two co-adventurers, 26 year-old artist has formed an all-girl team called the Taillte Tank Girls to take on the challenge spanning a third of the Earth’s surface. The Mongol Rally is a rally organised by ‘The Adventurists’ which involves driving a car with an engine no bigger than 1.2 litre all the way from Britain to Ulan Batar in Mongolia. Each team will travel 10,000 miles of adventuring bliss through testing terrain including desserts, mountains and steppe, but completely unaided to raise money for chosen charities.

Although she admits the journey may be fraught with potential danger and certainly a little cramped in the small vehicle, the fun-loving Co Derry woman is relishing the challenge of getting behind the wheel for between six and eight weeks. “There’s a danger element of course but there’ll be lots of fun along the way. There are some countries we’ll have to be careful in but we’ll be sure to look after ourselves.”

Along with her travelling companions - Co Meath electrical engineer Aoife and Co Down youth and community worker Roisin Mohan - Elaine is currently planning the route and trying to secure sponsorship to take part in the event which they and allow them to raise money for their chose charities Homeplus in Belfast and global charity, Cool Earth.

“The journey will take us through 18 countries, beginning in Ireland and taking in England, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Mongolia. The route is entirely our own design, and no help will be provided by the organisers along the way.”

She added: “We are concocting all kinds of outlandish fundraising adventures, firstly to finance the low impact, low power vehicle which must meet the requirements of having less than 1.2ltr engine, but no older than 2004. Not only will we need to be fit to drive the car, we will personally be responsible for all repairs and modifications prior to the rally and en-route.

“At the minute we’re looking for sponsors to advertise on our vehicle and would be grateful for anything to help us support our causes.”

The Tailte Tank Girls will host a fundraising event entitled ‘The Black and White Boogie’ in Derry at Sandinos Bar on February 22. The event will include performances from local acts and doors open at 8pm, admission £5.

To offer support to the Tailte Tank Girls email taillte.tank.girls@gmail.com