City’s street lamp re-vamp to continue

Amid recent controversy surrounding the replacement of Victorian street-lamps in the city centre, the Department of Regional Development have confirmed the work is part of a wider improvement scheme in the Clarendon Street/Queen Street area of the city.

Residents in both Queen Street and Clarendon Street have contacted the ‘Journal’ voicing concerns at the removal of the antique street-lights, particularly as they are an integral part of this city centre conservation area.

However, work will continue, with the DRD revealing plans to embellish the new lamp-posts to help them fit their period surroundings.

“Roads Service intends to install new paving on the footways and in advance of this Street Lighting Section is taking the opportunity to replace the street lighting on the lower section of the street up as far as Queen Street and just beyond,” a Roads Service Spokesperson told the ‘Journal’ this week.

“The new street lights being installed will have embellishment kits fitted along with old style lanterns and brackets. They will then be painted black similar to those previously agreed and installed in both Sackville Street and Strand Road. The street lights in Clarendon Street are quite old and some of the them are rusting away and worn. In addition, the old underground cabling also needs updated,” the spokesperson added.

Residents of the area remain unhappy at the proposed changes.

“These replacement lights are not in keeping with the character of this area,” reiterated Queen Street resident, Peter Pine.

“The street-lamps they are removing are historically important to the city.”