Colrs. applauded for support against sludge site

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Limavady councillors were loudly applauded by more than a dozen members of a local lobby group who attended council for the debate on the motion on Tuesday.

In a statement, after the vote in the chamber, Roevalley Against Sewage Sludge Pollution, (RASSP) thanked council for its “resounding vote of opposition”.

“There is no doubt that certain sections of the population whose lives are polluted with the sewage sludge stenches during the spreading seasons will be more than thankful to the councillors who have recognised how they have been tortured for prolonged periods with mal-odours which permeate their homes and which they, for one good reason or another, suspect they may not be indicative of good air, good land, good water, good produce and good health.

“The Council obviously views the so called treatment and spreading of sewage sludge as a form of environmental pollution and we welcome their discernment and their objections to its useage.

“It’s worth noting that in September 2009 a spokesperson for NI Water stated 41 farms in the Northern Ireland were spreading sewage sludge on their land and half of these farms were in the North West.

“Why are there so many tonnes of sewage coming here?

“Many councillors know the answer and we are aware the question of spreading sewage sludge may not be a question of the use of fertiliser but a question of what to do with the waste, a question of disposal. Again people will be relieved to know that Limavady Borough do not want it dumped on our doorstep with all our attendant problems.”