From factory queen to cleaning queen!

Derry born author Caroline Leslie.
Derry born author Caroline Leslie.

A Derry woman looks set to take the cleaning world by storm in Australia with her revolutionary new book.

Caroline Leslie (formerly Caroline McDaid), originally from Shantallow, has already sold out of the first run of her book ‘Clean Green’ and is busy organising a second print run with the intention of meeting demand for the book here at home.

Caroline’s book is billed as “demystifying cleaning challenges” and offering an alternative eco-approach to cleaning. Caroline developed the techniques herself after nursing her husband Peter back to health after a serious brain injury.

“When my husband was going through rehab after his injury, I had to clean the house out completely so that he could have a good environment to recover in. I was looking for a cleaning business that didn’t use chemicals and I couldn’t find a company that did that. I know as well that a lot of people would prefer this method of cleaning their houses because of having allergies, and in cases where people have children who have Asthma. It really surprised me that there just wasn’t really an option out there for people who wanted to have their houses cleaned in this way.”

A self confessed workaholic, mother of three Caroline set about filling the gap in the market as soon as she saw a need for it. Five years later and the former Thornhill pupil’s business ‘Home Maid Green Cleaning’ has gone from strength to strength.

“The book was initially just a marketing tool for the business, but it’s really taken off and we pre sold the first print run,” says Caroline.

“The demand from home has been brilliant, and we’re working with the distributor to get it into bookshops in the UK as soon as possible.”

As well as the book, Caroline’s cleaning business is set to become a household name down under with franchising plans in the pipeline.

“Business is great and the response to what we do from mums who have kids with asthma and allergies has been amazing. This is a real health issue. People want to use organic products and everyone is aware of the eco benefits of using less chemicals in our cleaning products,” says Caroline.

Caroline says she’s delighted that her book has taken off and puts it down to her unique “Derry” approach to writing it.

“I write the same way that I speak and I think that’s what’s appealed to people about the book. I think that’s what makes it interesting, because, let’s face it. nobody wants to read a boring book about cleaning!”

Caroline, a former factory queen, left Derry in 1996 but says she still has very strong links in the North West and learned a lot from her time working here.

“I worked in the accounts office at Desmonds, but I’ve always been into business and I with the cleaning business, I suppose I got my entrepreneur’s hat on and saw that there was need out there, and it seems there really is.”

Caroline added that she wants to thank people at home for their support and that the book will be available here soon.

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