Inishowen’s mystery monument

About 500 yards along a dirt track just two miles from Culdaff, on the Inishowen peninsula, stands the Temple of Deen.

This impressive stone structure is close to the Bocan Stone Circle. Neither are sign-posted.

The Temple of Deen

The Temple of Deen

Website says of it: “Just across the main road from Bocan Stone Circle is the ‘Temple of Deen’. A wedge-tomb, it appears to have been covered with a cairn of small boulders which means that the structure remaining would have been only the central chamber of a huge monument.

“Since no proper excavation has ever taken place at either Deen or Bocan it is difficult to figure out whether these monuments were constructed at the same time or by the same people.”

However, it suggests that it would seem from the experience elsewhere that they were constructed by the same race but possibly at distinct periods “sometime during the Bronze Age’.