“No current issues” at Buncrana’s Lady’s Bay

Buncrana Shore Front
Buncrana Shore Front

The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed to the ‘Journal’ that the bathing water “incident” at Lady’s Bay in Buncrana is now “over.”

A ‘no bathing’ notice had been issued at the bay for June 11th - 13th.

The popular spot is located adjacent to the Shore Front in the town and is regularly visited by tourists and locals.

Issuing the notice, the Environmental Protection Agency said water quality at Lady’s Bay had been affected due to “suspected contamination from extreme weather/flooding.”

The ‘Journal’ reported a few weeks ago how there were concerns for water quality at Lady’s Bay due to alleged pollution at the Mill River, which runs into it. There is no suggestion this incident was connected.

A spokesperson for the EPA told the ‘Journal’ they understand the incident is now “over” and there are “no current issues.”