Residents vow to fight on in Dunfield saga

Residents of Dunfield Terrace in the Waterside, who have spent over 30 years campaigning to save an iconic view of the city from “destruction”, have upped their campaign to halt a proposed development right outside their homes.

The case is to be discussed later today by Derry City Council’s Planning Committee. It’s understood that the proposed development of 20 social housing units on the land opposite nos. 11-59 Dunfield Terrace by Foyleview Builders is up for approval - despite a campaign spanning more than three decades and numerous letters of objection from residents and local politicians.

“Our opposition remains unchanged and the campaign continues,” said novelist Felicity McCall, spokesperson for Dunfield Residents Association.

The group want a deferral on the plans for the Old Quarry site at Dunfield Terrace, an area with commanding view of the city.

“The Dunfield Residents, who have sustained a campaign opposing the development on a number of environmental and other issues for 32 years, had been assured we would be told when the application was due to come before Council. We weren’t.”

“We were supported by a cross-party group of politicians, the emergency services, churches, environmental groups and the public. The planners assured us they shared many of our concerns about the planned development, including the destruction of an iconic view of the city, road congestion and access, and the long term stability of the quarry face... If the future planning of our city is to be, as the policy states, ‘in accordance with the wishes of the majority of residents in the area,’ then something is clearly and badly wrong in this proposed approval,” she added.