Search for Moville’s Amphibians and Reptiles

Local group Celebrate Water! is encouraging people to ‘dip their bucket where they stand’ when it comes to environmental awareness and action!

Biodiversity Week Ireland runs from May 18th to May 26th and this year’s theme is ‘Biodiversity and Water’.

As local Coastwatch Ireland partner, Celebrate Water! are delighted that Coastwatch Co-ordinator Karin Dubsky will be coming to the area to mark Biodiversity Week with a survey of the Bredagh River wetlands area on Monday 20th May.

The survey marks the latest in a series of collaborative events between Coastwatch Ireland and Celebrate Water! directed at raising awareness of biodiversity and the need to take action locally to protect it.

The survey, which will also involve local school Scoil Eoghain, encourages the local community to become ‘Citizen Scientists’ and is being accompanied by a call for local children to participate in an art exhibition/competition on the theme of ‘Biodiversity’.

The art created will be exhibited around the area and it is hoped will be a means of inspiring discussion and understanding of the issue.

According to Trish Murphy from Celebrate Water!:”We are currently in the middle of what has been declared by the United Nations to be the ‘Decade of Biodiversity.’ The term biodiversity basically describes the variety of life on earth.

“It operates on three main levels - variety of species, genetic variety within species and variety of habitat.

“No one has yet been able to calculate in actual figures the extent of this diversity.

“What is largely agreed among experts, observers and activists however is that the variety of life is disappearing at an alarming rate.

“As one speaker put it, ‘The library of life is burning and we don’t even know the names of the books’.

Over the last year and a half Celebrate Water! has been very active in raising awareness of biodiversity and of the need to protect it.

Spokesperson Rose Kelly says:‘On the Earth today we are faced with enormous challenges of many kinds.

“ The loss of biodiversity is, we believe, one of the most important ones we are being required to meet.

“Life on Earth is like a finely tuned piece of music, a carefully and intelligently balanced system.

“When we start to remove various ‘notes’ from that piece of ‘’music’, or components from the system, then we alter things irrevocably.

“We can do great damage to the planet as a whole and inevitably to ourselves as a species.

“Thankfully, we as human beings can be creative as well as destructive and the ways in which we can act are incredibly diverse.

“Different areas of interest and means of action appeal to different people.

“We think that the old saying, ‘Dip your bucket where you stand’ is a good place from which to start.

“We interpret these old words of wisdom to mean... to work from where you’re at with the resources available at local level while maintaining an eye to and a connection with the global picture.

“It can be as simple of as encouraging wildlife to your garden or window box, growing your own vegetables, purchasing locally produced goods, building community, knowing your water and looking after it...whatever it is that appeals to you and suits your capacity.’

Next week’s event is being hosted by Celebrate Water! in collaboration with Coastwatch Ireland and Scoil Eoghain National School and aims to increase our awareness of amphibians and reptile species in Moville and highlight the significance of maintaining healthy wetland habitats.

The event will take place in Scoil Eoghain’s Assembly Hall on Monday 20th May beginning at 9.30am with short talks by local herpetologist Dr. Trish Murphy and Karin Dubsky from CoastWatch Ireland.

This will be followed by a walk to a survey location on the nearby River Bredagh.

Anyone interested in attending this event should contact Trish Murphy on 087 6478183.

Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing and bring plenty of enthusiasm!

This project has being kindly sponsored by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.