Fine Gael will ‘not bully me’
- Murray

Inishowen Sinn Féin Councillor Jack Murray has said that he will not be bullied by Fine Gael representatives and will continue to use his position to fight against unfair taxation. Cllr Murray made the comments after facing what he described as ‘an angry Fine Gael Councillor’ at a public meeting in Moville.

Cllr Murray said;“As a Sinn Féin representative, I am committed to doing everything in my power to fight for equality; against politics which unfairly benefits the elite and the wealthy and negatively impacts on struggling families.

“At Wednesday’s public meeting I was verbally attacked for doing just that. One local councillor even brought my family into the debate before later telling me that I would pay for comparing Fine Gael policies to Thatcherism.

“I fully stand over the comments that he was referring to. The policies being implemented by Fine Gael are completely in line with the ethos of Margaret Thatcher. She too punished the less well off, protected the rich and destroyed the economy in the process.

“I will continue to campaign for a fairer society. I will continue to highlight fairer alternatives that the government could take – if it wanted to.

“The introduction of a wealth tax on assets over €1million is an option. A higher tax band on those earning over €100,000 is another. These proposals have been accepted by the Department of Finance and even by the Troika.

“There are choices. Each public representative needs to decide which choice they think is the fairest.

“If Fine Gael councillors don’t want to be compared to Margaret Thatcher, then they need to stop acting like her.

“Imitation is the best form of flattery after all.”