Fish convoy stuck in Moville

Greencastle's fishermen were outraged at the weekend when numerous lorries were stranded in Moville following the descion not to grit the main roads in the area.

The Foyle Fishermen's Association, based in Greencastle, appealed to the Council to have the main R238 route cleared in order for lorries to export fish from the busy port.

Manager of the co-op John D O'Kane said he pleaded with Donegal County Council to have the R238 road from Greecastle salted.

In an urgent letter sent to the council he stated: "We export fish to the continent on a regualr basis and with the run up to Christmas being one of our busiest times, we need the security of knowing our lorries will have a safe passage with no delays to aid delivery of this perishable commodity."

Despite their efforts the R238 remained in the Council's "green zone" meaning the busy road would not be treated.

Mr O'Kane was outraged when the fish lorries were snowed-in in just about a mile from base - the main street and paid tribute ton the Main Street in Moville.

He paid tribute to locals from the town who towed the lorries and cleared their path:

"On Friday we had great difficulty getting out of the town, but we got there eventually thanks to the local people in the town who did their best to tow the lorries out of the town. Without local co-operation I don't know where we would be. The goods we are dealing with here are perishable; they are not forzen and they need to move fast.

"The next export from the pier will be in the first week in Januaryand if the weather hasn't improved by then, we will need something done about the roads. It's not on."

Moville Councillor Martin Farren also paid tribute to the men on the ground who did their best to help the fishermen get the lorries out of the town.

"I've been in the fishing industry for 35 years myself and I know this is their busy time of the year. The goods they are dealing with are very expensive perishable goods that need to travel to Spain and Portugal as soon as they are landed. I spoke with senior management and made the point very clear but still the roads were not treated.

"Inevitbaly when the lorries did get stuck in the snow, thankfully members of the council and people from the community were on hand to help out and the lorries finally got away thanks to them. The men on the ground did their very best and I want to thank them for that."

Colr Farren revealed reponsibility for salt and road treatment has now been passed back from the NRA to Donegal County Council

"The NRA has let us down, but now that the council has taken back responsibilty we have to make sure nothing like this happens again. Personally I will be keeping an eye on the situation." from now on."