Football disaster families in Derry

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Foyle MP Mark Durkan says he is looking forward to a meeting in Derry this Thursday between members of the Hillsborough and Bloody Sunday families to discuss their respective campaigns for truth and justice.

Shadow Health Secretary and Hillsborough campaigner Andy Burnham MP, who hails from Liverpool, will travel to Derry with the Hillsborough families.

He asked Mr. Durkan to arrange the meeting which, he believes, can help the relatives identify with each others’ experiences.

Mr Burnham said: “For 23 years, Liverpool has borne the deepest scars imaginable, when 96 of its sons and daughters didn’t come home from the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.

“As it sought answers, obstacles were thrown up and insults added to the injury. It is one of the greatest injustices of the 20th century.”

Mark Durkan says the Bloody Sunday families have a particular sense of empathy and solidarity with the families of the 96 Liverpool supporters who were killed in the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.

“They have developed a very strong bond with those families,” said the Derry MP. “In a different way, they can empathise with exactly what families suffer whenever they have to struggle against indifference, injustice and insult and whenever survivors have to endure calumny and are asked by the powers that be, in the media and elsewhere, to carry some of the blame of that day.

“This issue touches many people and the families of the Liverpool supporters have all our hearts as they continue in their dignified campaign for truth and justice.”