Garret gets the Retro Record

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An Inishowen man has set a new record - as he predicted he would when talking to the Journal a few weeks back - in retro running.

Garret Doherty, a 34 year old Carndonagh man, broke the 10k. running backwards record on Sunday on a route more used by to the sounds and the sights of heavy duty trucks than human feet - he broke the record in the Dublin Port tunnel.

The young Carn man completed the course in 42 minutes and 57 seconds, shaving a massive two and a half minutes off the old time.

Unfortunately for Garret his attempts to get into the Guinness Book of Records will have to wait as it’s a requirement of any record that there is visual confirmation of the finish - and his friend who had been set up to video record the historic moment missed it.

There were plenty of ‘still’ cameras around but, apparently, that does not meet the strict criteria demanded by Guinness people.

Speaking with the Journal yesterday Garret was both disappointed and elated.

He said: “I will go to world’s retro running champ in two weeks in good shape and then world alternative games in Wales

If anyone doesn’t believe me about the benefits of retro running I would contend I am the best mobile advertiser in the world of its benefits. Retro running happens to make people happy,taller, slimmer and with better confidence and self esteem.

If someone doesnt try it out-they are simply missing out!”

Garret said he will be going for two world records in his chosen sport at the World retros in Spain