Garth Brooks: Derry Journal reader’s react to news of concert cancellations

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks

People all over Ireland, including Derry, have been reacting to news that Garth Brooks has cancelled five concerts planned for Croke Park this summer. Derry Journal readers have proved no exception in voicing their disappointment and anger.

Here are some of the comments left so far on the Journal facebook site on the issue. If you have been affected by the cancellation of the gigs, please feel free to tell us your story on facebook or call the Journal on 02871 272200.

Joy Beard: “ So disappointed. Dislike! Feel sorry for the people who bought over priced tickets from touts and have accommodation sorted etc.”

Kylia Browne: “ Have respect for him cancelling all 5, good for him as I had tickets for the tuesday night wouldn’t have been fair.”

Denise McCool: “don’t think it was right promoters were allowed to sell tickets before concerts got the go ahead, now someone is sitting on 25 million of our hard earned working money with none of it going back into the economy. They should be made pay what ever interest has been made on the 25 million as its been in some bank for a couple of months to irish charities, would be interesting what they would have to say about that get on it dj x.”

Philomena Mc Laughlin: “Cant blame the residents I dont know if I,d want to be hemmed in 5 nights in a row, I do blame the promoters and GAA for being greedy and taking the residents for granted. Theyll think again before they over book concerts.”

Danielle Page: “ So disappointed not only was tickets but also hotels have aswell and the cost of hotels was shocking so angry.”

Eamonn McBride: “ Head to the Belfield Bowl on the Friday night sure. Derry is playing UCD.”

Kevin Dunn : “Absolutely disgusted, crying residents and Dublin council are a joke and the money grabber himself not willing to play 3 concerts cause he didnt wana let some people down, if they really wanted to im sure they couldve staged it somewhere else, doesnt make Ireland look too good either if they couldnt even host a bloody concert.”

Helen Mc Laughlin: “ I am totally disgusted was really looking forward to it x.”

Marie Laird: “ I have 2 feel sorry for all not going to c him but good for him for sticking to his 5 r nothing x.”

Stuart Massie : “Cowboys.”

Eleanor Plummer: “I hope Dublin realises wat they hav done dont think anyone will b buyin tickets for any concerts in the future for fear of them being cancelled. i certainly wont b buyin any.”

Maryjo Gill: “ I have tickets and hotel booked, 4 of us travelling from Derry.”

Patrick Bowen: “ Think of all that mony for Yeh tickets lying in some rich persons bank account gathering millions in interest someones gonna be rich for doin nothn.”

Annette McCallion: “ Me, can’t believe it!!!”

Christopher Coyle: “This is the closest Ireland might come to a full revolution. I’m heading for the hills.”

Dearbhla Harkin: “ I bought my mammy hers for a surprise for her 50th, paid more cause I bought them off somebody, my mammy wanted to see him last time he was here 10/11 years ago. thought this was her chance, we are heartbroken. Still can’t believe it’s true, we have family flying in from America to see him also. It’s terrible. The loss of money everybody is going to have over it.”

Catherine Hegarty: “ Well that’s me staying in Crown plaza who won’t refund!!! Ah well few days in Dublin and surrounding areas availin of free attractions lol, there were 6 of us goin.”