Greysteel ‘in the limelight for all the wrong reasons’ - Colr.

One of the buses stoned in Greysteel returning from the Twelfth.
One of the buses stoned in Greysteel returning from the Twelfth.
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A Sinn Fein councillor has slammed the PSNI for the lack of police presence in Greysteel following Twelfth parades when two buses were stoned.

Colr. Dermot Nicholl said trouble could have been prevented had police been in the village following the Twelfth parades.

“What happened has put Greysteel into the limelight for all the wrong reasons and people are disgusted,” said Colr. Nicholl, who said in previous years there has been a small police presence in the village.

“There had been a some young lads about, but there was no sense of trouble at that time. I am not the police and I can’t be everywhere in Greysteel, but I believe if police had of been on scene in the afternoon, say a handful of officers, it would have prevented what happened.”

Colr. Nicholl added; “No one from thje PSNi consulted me in the build-up to the Twelfth. It was the first time we haven’t had police in the area and look at the outcome. I am very disappointed.”

Superintendent John Magill said a review of the policing operation in Greysteel on 13 July has been carried out and “a number of issues were identified and will be addressed for any future parades in the area”.

However, police have not explained what the issues are.