Grandparents get ‘Wicked’ for charity

Charlie with grandparents Kevin and Jacinta. (2903PG24)
Charlie with grandparents Kevin and Jacinta. (2903PG24)

These are the doting Derry grandparents who will take to the streets of Derry this Saturday to raise money for research into genetics.

Kevin and Jacinta McCauley have organised a walk to raise money for ‘Wicked Genes,’ a charity raising awareness into Mucopolysaccharidoses, a multi-organ storage disease (MPS). The couple’s daughter, Chloe (16), was born with MPS.

They are also walking to raise awareness of ‘Joubert Syndrome’ which their grandson Charlie was diagnosed with last year.

Charlie who turns one this month, is one of only two children in the city who suffers from the condition which is a rare genetic disorder that affects the cerebellum, an area of the brain that controls balance and co-ordination.

“Joubert Syndrome is a completely different condition from MPS,” explained Kevin.

“The chances of a mother and daughter like my wife, Jacinta and daughter, Natasha both having babies with rare genetic disorders are extremely slim.

“We wanted to do something to mark awareness of the conditions.

“We wanted to walk, not only to raise awareness and raise funds but to show support for Chloe and Charlie.

“We also hope the event can be one where all parents can get together and share their experiences whatever their child’s disability.

Anyone wishing to take part in the walk and raise awareness is more than welcome to attend by registering a donation of £5.

The walk begins at 3pm from Sainsbury’s then up Queen’s Quay over the Peace Bridge.

Registration for the walk will take place beforehand.

The charity ‘Wicked Genes’ says its fundraising is about “having wicked fun, doing something wickedly crazy, or wickedly daring, or wickedly silly, or wickedly lovely. It’s about coming together with friends, workmates and strangers to raise money to save children’s lives.”

You can contact Kevin on 07725336574. Come early on the day and get registered.